#AdenesInside – A look back at the training of major loss adjusters 📷

#AdenesInside – A look back at the training of major loss adjusters 📷

As part of the ongoing training program for major loss adjusters, an RCCI course dedicated to vehicle fires was organized by Olivier BERARD,ELEX‘s Technical Director Forts Enjeux et Spécialités.

➡️ This training course was initiated as part of the synergies between the various ADENES Group subsidiaries, in conjunction with Frédéric LEJANVRE, Technical Director of GROUPE CREATIV’.

📅 From May 31 to June 02, 2023, in Lorient, the experts alternated theoretical and practical sessions at a wrecker’s, under the expert guidance of Damien TOP, RCCI loss adjuster for the study of burnt-out vehicles.

🔥 Groupe ADENES subsidiary RCCI Focalyse was represented by Antoine JARRY.
Two Gendarmerie Criminal Identification Technicians (TIC) were also present to take part in the discussions.

👥 The major loss adjusters present during this training course: Olivier BERARD, Alain IBANEZ, Eric GOGUYER-DESCHAUMES, Eric JUTGE, Franck Duboc, Geoffray LALANDE, Jean-Pierre Perrin, Jérôme RENIER, Kevin MERIGUET, Laurent FLICKER, Ludovic NEVEU, Olivier DELMAS, Olivier LUNVEN, Pierre JARLEGAN, Sébastien GUIBON et Sylvain LOISEAU

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