Placing the customer at the center of our strategic and operational decisions

In a sector where customer satisfaction has long been neglected in favor of technicality, it now seems essential to us to place the customer back at the center of our organization’s strategic and operational decisions in order to bring him the serenity promised by our Group’s values. This is all the more important in a sector which, although emotionally very rich due to the very nature of the disaster, paradoxically still transmits very little.

Our ambition was therefore to completely rethink our customer approach, which guarantees our long-term success. Since 2018, we have completely refocused and rebuilt ourselves around the customer, and aligned our structures, governance and management around that same goal.

We believe that managing a claim is a crucial moment of truth in the life of the insured, and that it must imperatively be transformed into a moment of satisfaction.

Even if the customer experience depends on several factors, customer culture is a very good lever to offer a quality experience, and therefore needs to be anchored in the minds of each of our employees, so that they are proud to spread it. Without employee engagement, there can be no good customer experience, and everyone has a role to play in optimizing it, whether they are in direct contact with the customer or not. 

We also aim to implement a major technological innovation each year, drawing on best practices developed elsewhere, regardless of the sector of activity. We consider them to be fundamental to our ability to reinvent ourselves, to offer a customized service to each customer and to fully satisfy them.

Our actions have been rewarded by the media Relation Client Mag, which awarded us the gold medal for the Customer Relations 2021 prize in the internal transformation category.