When our culture comes to life with the Adenes Family

For us, family goes beyond blood ties. This is the one we choose. These are all the people we choose as collaborators, and these are all the collaborators who have chosen us by joining us. The family evokes benevolence, support, it is the link that connects people. And that’s what we want our employees to feel. The Adenes Family is a culture, but the Adenes Family is also a community, in which we wish to engage and federate. Through this notion of family, we strive to create an inclusive environment in which everyone can evolve, realize their potential, but above all feel at home, and therefore feel good.

We do not want to base our culture on our similarities, but rather to make the most of the richness inherent in the diversity of our employees. We want to make it an anchor point, a support, an opportunity to overcome the pitfalls of a certain homogeneity and conformity, which are definitely not in the entrepreneurial DNA of our Group. We are convinced that diversity is an asset within an organization because it is through the confrontation of different opinions, views or working methods that creativity and innovation can be born.

In a society that now values professional and personal fulfillment, we believe that we have more than just tasks to perform, and we never lose sight of the importance of our role in creating these lasting and trusting relationships, not only with our clients, but also with our employees.