You are currently viewing #AdenesCares – The answer to this week’s QVCT survey

#AdenesCares – The answer to this week’s QVCT survey

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#AdenesCares – The answer to this week’s QVCT survey

đŸ”„ Nearly a hundred of you took part in our questionnaire earlier this week. As a reminder, we asked you “According to Generation Z (born after 1997), what percentage believes that the company’s role is to ensure the well-being of its employees?

đŸ‘„ Yes, the correct answer was 92%!
Indeed, the youngest members of our workforce place a premium on well-being, and the influence that work can have on the personal aspect of each individual. When asked about the attractiveness of the job and the atmosphere, 92% also put this expectation first.

đŸ€ At ADENES Group, we’ve already taken this revolution into account for our young employees. They represent the company of tomorrow, for us and for their entire working lives.
Each of our departments is committed to conveying QVCT values. We still have 1,000 actions to complete, but we’re ready to move forward together.

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