Our commitments give us a line of conduct, the one of being part of a long-term process around themes that are important to us: sustainability and our CSR policy. Ethics at the heart of our concerns. The customer at the center of our actions. Our employees are the focus of our attention.

Committed to Society and the Environment

This refers to all of the Group’s actions aimed at reducing its impact on the environment and contributing to the improvement of the Company.

Since 2015, our CSR committee has been improving the impact of our actions. We share with all our employees and customers our commitment to making tomorrow a better world.

The 3 pillars of our CSR policy are :

– Our social approach which allows us to guarantee the health, safety and well-being of our teams.

– Our customer satisfaction approach, which leads us to create innovative and diversified solutions and also to respond to human and technological challenges by engaging in a responsible dialogue with our stakeholders.

– Our environmental approach which allows us to be an actor of the ecological transition and also to limit the environmental impacts of our activities.

Engaged in ethics

This concerns the moral values and principles of conduct that characterize the group and our employees. Equality, honesty, listening, respect, and the transmission of knowledge are all virtues that make us fair in all our daily interactions.

Engaged in the customer experience

This is a strategic focus launched by the group in 2018 and the creation of our Customer Experience Department.

At Adenes, the Customer Experience is all the interactions and exchanges that the customer/insured has with us, from the first contact to the last.

This includes the ease of travel, the quality of service, the problem-solving processes and the posture of each of our employees.

Our mission is to improve the customer experience by providing quality offerings, simplifying the process of consuming them, and providing efficient and personalized customer service.

A successful customer experience is one that meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations and needs and leaves them satisfied and willing to recommend the company to others.

Engaged in the employee experience

At Adenes, it starts with different aspects such as the quality of the work environment, relations with colleagues and superiors, professional development opportunities and especially internal mobility within the Group.

The employee experience is a strategic issue for us because we want motivated, loyal and fulfilled employees. We work on professional development and the meaning that everyday actions bring to our teams.

We encourage collaboration and innovation.

We create moments that allow our values to be conveyed throughout the group and not just in the subsidiaries. This is the Adenes Family!

The commitment of ADENES’ parent company

It consists in coordinating and promoting the sustainable development of its brands by providing them with services and innovative solutions that enable the group’s employees to perform and flourish in the excellence of their profession with pride in helping policyholders.

Our Group is proud to be at the service of all its teams, in all its subsidiaries.

The group’s cross-functional departments (Information Systems, Finance, Human Resources, Customer Experience, Communication) demonstrate on a daily basis the power of our raison d’être, of our commitment: to be at the service of the subsidiaries!

GO 2024

Together, let’s go even further!

Our Group is entering a new stage in its evolution, with 2024 as its horizon. We could not imagine a more beautiful parallel. Just like a sports competition that brings people together, our objective will be to surpass ourselves, as well as the individual and collective success of the challenges we have set ourselves.

Just like the Games, we want these objectives to be above all passionate and meaningful, based on sharing and cohesion. We believe that it is important to evolve in an environment where, in the end, we are constantly questioning ourselves, where we are constantly challenging ourselves.

+ sustainable : The human being and the environment have always been at the heart of our concerns. We are pursuing our ambition to be a global player, leader in the expertise market, but in consideration of the current environmental and societal changes.

+ efficient : To achieve our objectives in terms of technical performance, we have chosen to specialize our teams by business unit, supported by our various brands and subsidiaries, in order to offer our customers a service that is even more adapted and closer to their needs.

+ closer : In a sector where customer satisfaction has long been neglected in favor of technicality, it is essential today to place the customer even more at the center of our strategic and operational decisions.   We also aim to provide our employees with an even more fulfilling working environment to encourage the full expression of their talents and know-how.