You are currently viewing CSR as a response to current societal and environmental challenges or how to give meaning back to business

CSR as a response to current societal and environmental challenges or how to give meaning back to business

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In a context of ecological crisis, coupled with a health and social crisis, relearning to live in a way that is compatible with the respect of our ecosystems is an imperative, and society’s expectations are increasingly strong concerning the role and responsibility of the company facing the gravity of the situation.

In our 2021-2024 strategic plan, we place responsibility, which is part of our values, at the heart of our ambition. Our Group has set up an internal commission to drive our CSR policy with long-term objectives. We also created a charter, with concrete and reciprocal commitments to our employees, but also to all our stakeholders.

At the same time, we regularly evolve the way we operate our services and are constantly working to design new, more eco-friendly offerings. At Electroren, our subsidiary specializing in electrical damage, we prioritize and promote, for example, the repair of damaged equipment rather than its replacement as soon as possible.

We now also allow policyholders who share our value of environmental responsibility to opt for a “green” appointment. When making an appointment online, the insured can choose a time slot that optimizes the loss adjuster’s travel time in order to limit his carbon footprint. This implies that an appointment can take place at a date a little further away, but will allow the organization of a greener tour for the lorss adjuster. Today, the results have exceeded our expectations, as nearly half of the insureds have opted for this type of appointment.

Still on the subject of mobility, we’re engaged on our company vehicle fleet, including a proportion of low greenhouse gas emission vehicles. The diesel vehicles have thus definitively left our catalog to make way for new electric or hybrid models. In addition, we are committed to having a 100% green fleet by 2030.

Finally, we were awarded the gold medal by the Ecovadis rating organization, which recognizes our actions and commitments to limit our impact on the environment. This puts us in the top 5% of companies rated.

In the years to come, we are engaged to go further on improving our current solutions, and to imagining new ones, in order to be ever more in tune with today’s energy and environmental challenges. We believe that respecting our planet allows also to act to better adapt by finding new opportunities for innovation, which is also in our DNA.