#AdenesInside – A look back at the 7th vrs Adjusters Global Conference!

#AdenesInside – A look back at the 7th vrs Adjusters Global Conference!

đź‘Ą 80 representatives vrs Adjusters came from all over the world and gathered in Vienna (Austria) from June 21 to 23. These 3 days of meetings and exchanges were an opportunity to welcome the new members of the vrs Adjusters network: LENGKEEK and DB GROUP INTERNATIONAL.

đź’Ľ Thanks to conferences, teambuildings and discussion sessions, members of the vrs Adjusters network were able to exchange views on the insurance and loss adjustment industry, customer requirements worldwide and share best practices and experiences.

👏 We would especially like to thank the members of the ADENES Group and vrs Vering present at the event : Florence Bernetti, Olivier Boniface, Olivier GLOUX, Raphael XIXONS, Tancrède Stagnara, Laurène JEUX, Ambroise Stagnara, Frederic Laborie, Jérémy WALTER-MARTIN, Matthias Tremoureux, Bernard Perdriau and the representatives of our international subsidiaries, members of the vrs Adjusters: David Bertrand, Christophe LACROIX and Alper BALTACI (DB GROUP INTERNATIONAL) ; Francesco Cincotti, Corrado Viazzi and Chiara Demino (vrs Vering Italia) ; Hans De Hoog, Andrea H., Tristanig Verheul NIVRE-re and Latifa Brahmi(LENGKEEK).

🔝 This seminar was a unique opportunity to strengthen our ties, deepen our knowledge and establish fruitful new collaborations. We can’t wait to put into practice everything we’ve learned at this exceptional event.

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